What is coworking office space?

Coworking office space is a quite strong office model in the world but completely new in Vietnam. While this kind of service has recently appeared, it is undeniable that this is a perfectly optimized office solution that will help businesses reduce the cost of office space and operating expenses.


What is coworking office space?

What is coworking office space?

Coworking space, a cohesive working environment, sharing work and ideas but each member is independent in their activities. Unlike the basic office environment, members of the Coworking space model are individuals from different organizations and industries.

This style of work attracts those who are active in the work that requires creativity, business, investors,…but no conditions to have a fixed office. Coworking space provides members with a place to work, meet partners, customers and help them express themselves professionally, both physically and mentally. The common working space provides a social working environment where individuals can both work independently and simultaneously as an individual in a community of talented coworkers. Can share and support each other.

Who uses Coworking workspace?

Individuals who are inclined to work independently, but not always.

– People who are looking for a community space, a space to help them focus on work

What are the benefits of space coworking space?

Coworking space will give you a professional working space where you can work more effectively and efficiently. We can also take advantage of the space to make meetings, workshops, seminor. And finally, Coworking space allows members to link, share information and data sources to create new ideas.


Coworking office space stimulates creativity, inspires work for individuals

Search for leads: You are often surrounded by individuals who are passionate, passionate and successful. Therefore, evaluating the people around you and finding potential customers from Coworking space will help you expand your business.

Inspirational work: Unlike traditional office work, coworking space allows maximum productivity to work. In the common working space, you can not work irresponsibly when around you people are working hard and hard working. The enthusiasm of the people around will motivate your work.

Creativity: In fact, efficiency and creativity in work are greatly influenced by the surrounding environment. We will work more effectively, have more ideas when working in the right environment, it must be the place that gives us excitement and inspiration when working.

Instead of creeping into four cramped, unpopular walls, why not go to work, learn Coworking space. You can find inspiration, new ideas and fun in the workplace from the open work space or from the active members who are engrossed by you.

Connectivity: You will have a fast and efficient network of cooperation. When working in a Coworking environment, you will meet many people in every field of business, and maybe they will be a useful connection in your future. Your business will grow exponentially with the addition of these new connections.


Coworking office space meets utility, service and community

– Incorporation: “Coworking office space” offers users a sense of community integration instead of the isolation that freelancers feel when working alone at home or in the café. Coworking space will help you to eliminate the notion that you are alone in the workplace and enhance the social aspects of your work. Frequent interaction with people will improve your mental and physical well-being, resulting in greater happiness for your life.

Difficulties of the Coworking Office Space model in Vietnam

It is easy to identify the biggest barrier of the Coworking Office Space model in Vietnam is the location. Many of these modeled locations have been closed in the regret of users due to the heavy burden.

However, even those with abundant financial resources still find it difficult to build a successful Coworking Space model. Because if you can not build a highly connected community, coworking space will be like a shared-office, nursery, or casual office model. Therefore, the emergence of a title called Community Manager with the job is to manage customer information, to understand the ability of cooperation between members through the management software. The key is to open the door to success for any unit that decides to exploit Coworking space model.

Hope the information about the office model Coworking space above will be useful for businesses, individuals when starting a business, the desire to achieve high productivity and efficiency in the work.


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