Private Office Space For Rent Service in SEN OFFICE

District 1 is a central district and increasingly crowded in Ho Chi Minh City. So the business here also brings many benefits and positive. If you, who need to rent an office, also feel the difficulty and need to solve, then right now come to SEN OFFICE – a company provide private office space for rent Service specializing in type A office at a cost worthy of what you will get.


SEN OFFICE – a prestigious address for rent office in District 1

SEN OFFICE – Address providing office rental service in District 1

Located in SenTrading, is a company with many years of experience in the field of offices for lease, investment, real estate, architecture and construction … SEN OFFICE’s goal is to build a system of offices for rent. Nationwide, and create a global, multinational entrepreneurial community that connects and collaborates globally to grow together.

SEN OFFICE is located in the prime location of  District 1: Vincom Center Dong Khoi: 72 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC. This is the place where many well-known businesses are located, both in and out of the country, as a crowded commercial center with many famous brands from the world. Therefore, when you rent office in SENOFFICE, you will have many opportunities to meet and exchange with potential partners.

And, because of its location in the center, the company’s offices are A +, A +. It provides an open, comfortable work space and includes many quality internal services. Moreover, when working here, your image and your company will become more professional and clear in the eyes of customers, help in business cooperation.

Come to SEN OFFICE, you will receive:

  • Professional Support Services

Basic office services, such as using business registration address, company name plate, receptionist, common reception area, high speed wifi, printer, tea and coffee, free water filter…

Business support services in domestic and foreign, support services Representative Office, Tax services, Accounting, Human Resources….

  • Office of Standard Work

With years of experience in the field of building architecture, SEN OFFICE brings a young, modern, dynamic working space … Promotes creativity as well as inspiration for every member.

  • Design Room

Space for Creative, Creative and Easy to Connect.

Private Office Space for Small Businesses looking for privacy.

Meeting Space includes meeting rooms, workshops, training, interviews.

Business Center with reception, reception, photo printing and relaxation area.

Space suitable for foreigners.

  • Fitness For Foreigners

With many years experience in consulting and supporting foreign enterprises to integrate into business environment in Vietnam, we can say SEN OFFICE is the first choice for new businesses and representative offices in Vietnam.


Create opportunities for cooperation with the global community

At Sen, we understand the legal procedures as well as understand the difficulties and obstacles so that a foreign company can integrate and develop smoothly in Vietnam.

Come to SEN OFFICE, we will assist you to solve all these difficulties, and you will be connected with SENNICE’s Multinational Entrepreneurs community to exchange experiences and seek cooperation opportunities.

  • Affordability

Since we consider supporting our partners in the early stages of development or in difficult business times, the price offered by SEN OFFICE is extremely reasonable compared to the advantages of location, Quality and Service of SEN OFFICE.

  • Private Office Space For Rent In Central

Located in VinCom Center Dong Khoi, in the heart of District 1, the most favorable location of HCMC. With sweeping views, convenient transport and amenities in the downtown area … SEN OFFICE members deserve a Grade A + office.

Virtual office and place to rent business registration address

Today, offices in the form of virtual office or shared office grow much and are favored. A virtual office is also called Virtual Office, which is a term used to refer to a representative office for transactions and renters who do not work regularly there, so there is no investment required as a traditional office.

In Ho Chi Minh City, looking for a virtual office for rent is not difficult. But, to find a good office location, A + and A + facilities, and the many benefits of a bundle of services, it’s not easy. And, if you’re in the loop, worrying about not having a virtual office in the center and meeting the international standards, SEN OFFICE is a perfect suggestion for you.


SEN OFFICE always provide the office and service quality for customers

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