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Today, finding an office for a small, medium or large corporation is not difficult. It is difficult to find a good office location, good infrastructure, convenient and located right in the center.

But, offices in central locations often have very high rents. If your company is a startup, and is still struggling with budget, the best solution is to hire a virtual office.

The following article discusses the features of virtual office and virtual office leasing. Specifically in Ho Chi Minh City is District 1.


The central location is a nice and convenient location

Benefits from hiring a virtual office

In recent years, the trend of renting Virtual Office is becoming the choice of many businesses. Why? The answer lies in the cost and flexibility benefits. Most of the companies that rent virtual office are startup, have small number of employees so they just have a fixed place to register business and take care of the basic procedures for the business. Most of the time they will work free, only a few days of the week or months to go to the office to meet. Therefore, hiring a virtual office is a smart choice now.

In addition, the virtual office rent will provide your company:

+Pictures of your company will be very honored in the eyes of partners, customers when your business address is one of the most expensive location in the city, Vincom Center Dong Khoi.

+Cost Savings for renting office space, personnel, and associated services to operate a typical office.

+Timely Reception, freeing you from the procedures and concerns of managing office and personnel.

+Provide you with office services such as reception, parcel transfer, fax, mail, telephone answering…

+Facilities Meeting rooms with meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, receptions, interviews. Offering you luxury space to meet partners, customers with low cost for members.

The benefits of renting office space in the center



Hall of the SEN

Consider the specific location in Ho Chi Minh City, when renting office in District 1 – the central district of the city, you will have the following benefits:

Apart from creating a stable working environment for the management and staff of the company, having a legitimate business address, people are also thinking and paying much attention to the image of the company in customer’s eyes. When the office facilities are standard, convenient, easy to find and easy to travel. Regardless of that, District 1 has met the criteria to be in the position of preference.

District 1 is a district located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, with a network of roads, typical facilities and the face of the city. When referring to District 1, people often associate the idea of ​​wealth and luxury.

And most of the offices located in District 1 are offices of class B or higher, so you can be assured of the quality of facilities, equipment, services of offices for rent in District 1.

Provide a good working environment for employees, thereby motivating staff and recruiting more talent.

About SenOffice – Virtual office for rent and private office for rent in Ho Chi Minh City

With many years experience in consulting and supporting foreign enterprises to integrate into business environment in Vietnam, we can say that SenOffice is the first choice for new foreign enterprises and representative offices in Vietnam.

At SenOffice, we understand the legal procedures as well as understand the difficulties and obstacles so that a foreign company can integrate and develop smoothly in Vietnam. Located in VinCom Center Dong Khoi, in the heart of District 1, the most favorable location of HCMC. With sweeping views, convenient transport and amenities in the downtown area … SenOffice members deserve a Grade A + office.

Especially, in the prime and beautiful location of the city center, the price offered by SenOffice is extremely reasonable compared to SEN’s superior position, quality and service.

Come to SEN, we will assist you in resolving all these difficulties, and you will be connected to SEN’s Multinational Entrepreneurs community to exchange experiences and seek cooperation opportunities.


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