How to save office space for rent to save costs

Have you ever asked yourself: how to save on renting office space? If you’re in business, especially startup businesses, small businesses, and budgets that are relatively limited, then this question will appear somewhere in your head.

Indeed, the cost of a traditional office is quite large. Meanwhile, the space used by the company does not really fill that space and hence unnecessary expenses, such as the cost of hiring receptionists, parking lots.


Traditional office space is often unnecessary

So, to save those costs, how do we do it?

That is the use of virtual office services


The main reason is:

1.Virtual office helps minimize redundancy

As we know, in times of economic hardship, many companies have more office space than they need. They are losing money in that extra space and are often willing to rent out space. That is why companies that are designed to fit small businesses with larger companies have more space than they really need. Basically, you can rent a fixed table or cabinet with a fixed and extremely cheap fee. The good thing about this arrangement is that it can be done with just a little bit of time to learn and trade.

2. Virtual office is full of utilities

A virtual office will have the same design as a professional or traditional office. It’s the same but different in that you have a common working space with many people and do not work regularly there.

A virtual office will provide you with utilities, such as:

  • Provide you with office services such as reception, parcel transfer, fax, mail, telephone answering…
  • Meeting Facilities Meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, receptions, interviews. Offering you luxury space to meet partners, customers with low cost for members.


Meeting room of a virtual office

  • Wifi, internet very high speed.
  • Pantry, tea, coffee, water filter.
  • Use registered address to establish a business.
  • Free consultation to set up a business …

3. Virtual offices create opportunities to interact with potential customers and partners

When you work in a shared space, such as a virtual office or shared office, you have the opportunity to get in touch with others who are different in your company. Maybe it’s a director of the startup company, a copywriter of a foreign company wishing to set up a branch in Vietnam … all of which will give you an opportunity to chat, exchange and create relationships.

4. Virtual office gives the company a professional working environment and impresses with its customers

The cost of hiring a virtual office is actually more economical than conventional office leasing. Therefore, virtual offices often appear in the central locations of a city. Like in HCMC, virtual offices are often rented in District 1. Most of the offices in District 1 are A +, A + or more and are extremely convenient. Therefore, the image of the company will be more beautiful and professional in the eyes of partners, customers.


SenOffice is located in Vincom Center Dong Khoi, dictrict 1

In Ho Chi Minh City, if you need a quality office for rent at the prime location, SenOffice is a great place for you. SenOffice is located on the 18th floor of Vincom Centerm, District 1, a location for Grade A offices and beautiful views. The special working space for the open office is very comfortable, helping you get creative and thinking out of the box.

In addition, SenOffice also provides you with a professional, professional, office space, business support services at home and abroad … SenOffice is the smart choice of StartUp, Freelancer, Entrepreneurs, businesses want to develop the international market and especially the Entrepreneurs or Representative Offices.

With years of experience in the field of building architecture, SenOffice brings a young, modern, dynamic working space … Promotes creativity as well as inspiration for every member.

As SenOffice always considers supporting partners during the initial stage or difficult business period, the price offered by SenOffice is extremely reasonable compared to the advantages of location, Quality and Service provided by SEN.

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