How to rent a private office in Ho Chi Minh City

Finding a private office space for rent in Ho Chi Minh City is not so difficult. Currently Ho Chi Minh City is the place to be chosen by businesses, companies and individuals to rent offices. Because Ho Chi Minh City is one of the two largest cities in the country, where the concentration of many districts with great economic development, beautiful location and scenery, convenient for the search and travel.


How to rent a private office in Ho Chi Minh City

Understanding the demand for office space of many startup companies, businesses, individuals, now the company offers rental services increasingly blossom. However, to verify the prestige, the quality of these services is not easy. Therefore, to rent a quality office in Ho Chi Minh City you should refer to many sources, places, information from relatives, friends to choose the right unit. The article below will provide you with information when renting office space in Ho Chi Minh City, including rent, rental notes, office rental, quality, prestige…

How to rent a private office?

Having a spacious, well-appointed representative office will help to create a better, more professional image in the eyes of customers.

Here we will refer to the most common form of office rent today is to rent offices in buildings, buildings. When renting in this form, the monthly rent will depend on the following important factors:

One is the area rented, the agreed service fee and the location, condition of the building where you rented it.


The current room, will be upgraded for the upgrade job

Second is the rental price: the rent in the central districts as District 1, District 3, Tan Binh District,…will be higher than the district far from the city center. For example, as for district 1 in the central area, rents will usually be high, ranging from 160,000 VND / square meter or more, depending on the status and location of the building. The new, beautiful buildings, located in the larger roads, the higher the rent. In addition to the cost of rent per month, the tenant also has to pay additional service fees such as electricity, water, security, car, monthly cleaning,…

Experienced to find the office for rent in the central district at cheap you should find the buildings of medium buildings, not too new, just look at the room is relatively spacious, clean is okay. Next, in the process of negotiating with the building owner, you should carefully consider what other monthly service fees are reasonable to consider, compare and make reasonable choices. Best.

Notes when renting office in Ho Chi Minh City?

Pay attention to rent

Tenants will often have to pay some extra fees when renting office space. As mentioned above, besides the monthly rent, Office renters often pay additional fees such as security fees, cleaning fees, VAT, electricity, internet, overtime charges (for offices that are often overtime or on holidays). So you should ask and clearly identify these fees to know the exact amount you pay monthly. Sometimes there are cases where the fee charged at the office you think is cheaper to calculate is higher than other buildings.

Pay attention-to-rent-is-a-in-the-following-conditions-to-save-when-office-at-TPHCM

Pay attention to rent – is a in the following conditions to save when office at TPHCM

In addition, you should note the following:

– What is the area you hire to work exactly? This area does not include toilet area, hallway, kitchen,…

– What is the total cost of rent to be paid each month?

– The toilet area should be clean and comfortable.

– Rules, working hours of the building. If your company regularly raises shifts outside of business hours or on public holidays, you usually pay an extra hour for the building owner.

– Should rent office in the cool direction as East, Northeast,…avoid rent in the west or rent on the floor too hot because of the heat will cost you more harmony.

– It is advisable to rent a basement office or a private parking area for your employees.

Notes when signing an office lease contract

– Deposit and deposit conditions.

– The rate of rent increases periodically (usually no more than 10% per year) for office buildings.


Companies, companies or individuals should carefully read the terms and discuss them before signing to avoid future disputes

-Rights and obligations of the lessee and the lessee in matters such as repairing, changing the office structure, repairing defects or damage arising during use.

How long does it take? If either party terminates the contract, what will the compensation be? However, our advice for small and medium businesses is to hire only between 6 months and 1.5 months maximum.

Hopefully with the shared experience, you will easily find a rented office at affordable prices in Ho Chi Minh City.


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