How to choose the right office for your needs?

Today, the demand for office space for many different purposes of companies is growing. Therefore, finding and renting office is a regular and regular job in the market. However, not everyone has the experience to find an private office space for rent and meet the needs.

So, How to choose the right office for your needs?


Private office space for rent need choose the right

Some experience when choosing office

Identify goals, needs, and budgets

There are 4 basic office rental options: villa rental, office building rental, apartment rental and private rental. You have to define your needs first, then select one of the four categories. If you want to find a place to live, just for business, you should rent a house or villa. If you want professionalism then choose office building. If you want free time, cheap rent, then choose the apartment is the most reasonable.

Once you’ve identified the type of office you want to hire, you have to take an important step in determining the company’s budget. What is the expected budget and how much will be expected to be able to rent an office as desired? Where can I rent an office and office? You also need to determine the time that the company intends to rent to make it easier to decide on other factors, if the length of time you intend to rent long term will be discussed with the lessor to enjoy the incentive.

Determine the location of the rental

Any company, also want their office located in the prime location and the center to ease the move, increase professionalism, create sympathy for customers and employees. Therefore, the price of office for rent in district 1 or other central districts is always higher than the district outside the center.

If you are not eligible to rent an office in District 1, you can consider the following two factors to find a suitable location:

Traffic is convenient?

Are Feng Shui good or not? (Roads are airy, air circulation).

Determine the desired area

The area will be associated with the long-term development strategy of a company. Determine the average area by estimating every 4m2 as needed for a person. If you want to save money, reduce the cumbersome later, you need to pay attention to the company’s long-term plan and calculate the area. If after a while, the company wants to expand the scale from the beginning you should negotiate with the lessor to be able to offer incentives or minimize the costs incurred when you want to rent more.

Infrastructure and utility services

Consider whether the infrastructure is secure and worth the money you pay. Attached services are the factors that affect long-term activities of the company. It includes:

  • Cost of management: protection, maintenance, reception, electricity, water, wifi …
  • Parking lot.
  • Other utilities.

Carefully review the contract

Signing the contract means you have accepted all the terms inside. Therefore, before you sign, you need to carefully consider each one, if not satisfied, sit back and negotiate with the lessor to find the best solution. If you have no experience and lack confidence in negotiating, you can get a reputable lawyer to consult and advise you.


Take a close look at the contract

The reason for choosing to rent office location in District 1

Apart from creating a stable working environment for the management and staff of the company, having a legitimate business address, people are also thinking and paying much attention to the image of the company. customer’s eyes. And, the image of the company will be better when the office system facilities meet the standards of quality, stability and safety. Plus, it’s better to be in a convenient, easy-to-find office. Regardless of that, District 1 has met the criteria to be in the position of preference.

District 1 is a district located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, with a network of roads, typical facilities and the face of the city. When referring to District 1, people often associate the idea of ​​wealth and luxury. So, if your office is carrying a business address and is located in District 1, then the customer in your company also has some sympathy. And most of the offices located in District 1 are offices of class B or higher, so you can be assured of the quality of facilities, equipment, services of offices for rent. in District 1.

Moreover, when not in terms of image in the eyes of customers, with the office is located in District 1, with the convenience and good working environment as here also makes your company have the opportunity to apply for many. potential employees and continue to retain excellent employees. Because when you give them a convenient environment (easy to get around, plenty of eating places, dynamic and more opportunities), you get more of a dedication!

Private office space for rent in district 1

In Ho Chi Minh City, looking for a virtual office for rent is not difficult. But, to find a good office location, A + and A + facilities, and the many benefits of a bundle of services, it’s not easy. And, if you’re in the loop, worrying about not having a virtual office in the center and meeting international standards, SenOffice is a perfect suggestion for you.


SenOffice office

Come to SenOffice, you will receive:

  • The office has a young and modern design, including full space to meet the needs of business activities.
  • The space of work in foreign style and international standards should be suitable for enterprises, representative offices in Vietnam.

SenOffice Located on the 18th floor of VinCom Center Dong Khoi, District 1. This is a central location, with a panoramic view and a factor contributing to the special point of the city. you.

  • SenOffice also has support services for domestic and foreign business offices, Representative Office services, Tax services, Accounting, Human Resources … solving procedural difficulties for you.

The cost of SenOffice is very reasonable and worthy of service that SEN bring.

  • Support two main languages: English and Vietnamese on the website and transactions should be very convenient to exchange and learn.

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