Experience find office for rent

Today, the demand for office space in Vietnam is increasing, especially in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. To find the right office for you in terms of infrastructure, service, location and price, you need to have experience. In case you have not rented office yourself, where is the experience? The following article will be useful for you!


If you want to rent a nice office you need not only need money but also experience

Experience find office space for rent

Define the direction of your company

When you step into the business, you have determined what your goals are, rent the office as well. You must know the purpose of your business and then determine the type of company. Consider where there are more potential and potential customers with your company. In addition, depending on the size of the company, the choice of office is different.

Find the right office space

Find the office for the company in the closest possible way you can. For example, ask your relatives and friends directly who you think they will know. Post to facebook or other social networks for advice and help. It is possible to run around the county roads where you intend to locate the office for your survey. Or simply spend some time searching on Google and choosing. Websites or links on Google will display the contact information below, from which you can call or text the landlord for advice. After this step, you choose a few places and conduct “live survey”.

Go to selected locations and investigate directly

As mentioned above, this step can be considered as a very important step in the process of renting office. You must go directly there, meet the lessor and ask for clarification as well as consider the following:

  • Infrastructure: car parking, building architecture, building notes using stairs or elevators, air conditioning system, Internet, security, management, ..
  • House Direction: Choose a building with the direction that it can capture the sunlight to create a space that is airy and energy efficient. Normally, companies in Asia avoid choosing houses that are west.
  • Price: office rental and utilities.
  • Building insurance: consider whether the owner of the building insurance or not to prevent the risk of future.
  • Is the traffic there convenient or not, is the location of the building easy to find?

Discuss and sign the contract


Thorough review before signing the contract

Once you have chosen a place you would like to discuss with the owner of the building and sign the contract. You should consider the following factors before placing a pen:

  • How many deposits, piles?
  • The rent increase periodically (usually no more than 10% per year) for rent in the building.
  • Responsibility for repair is the responsibility of the party.
  • How long does the lease last?
  • The amount of compensation if either party terminates the contract ahead of time?

What to do when the contract expires?

In the case of expiration of the contract, the company does not want to continue to hire and is still in business, should seek a new position or office at least 3 months before the contract expires. The company’s dynamics are not stagnant and affect much.

In case the company still wants to continue operating in that office, talk to the lessor so that they can agree and make an application for extension of the contract with the proof of the law.

The termination of the contract also comes from the agreement of the two parties. Since no party is unilaterally terminated, if one wants to terminate, either party must give written notice to the other party ahead of several months with minimum lease conditions. In this case, party B will be reimbursed the remaining amount. Conversely, if either party fails to notify in advance, they will lose or compensate the excess.

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