Coworking office space for lease

A common working space is a collaborative effort to bring people together in a shared space to work, to promote business relationships, and to promote overall productivity. Overall space has grown 24% in the US since 2010. In Viet Nam in recent years, the type of office is being considered and many options.


What is the co-working space?

In the future, Co-working space will be popular throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. According to, over 110,000 people are currently working at one of the more than 2,500 coworking spaces around the world. Coworking space is not a trend but a working style. In the past twelve months, on average, three new Coworking Space models have been put into operation, providing space for creative people in more than 81 different countries.

Introduction to coworking office space

The term Coworking Space is no stranger to the world, but it is also not the Keywords that anyone can understand. In Vietnam too. WeWork is a successful brand with this model when 2014 was valued at $ 5 billion just after 4 years of startup. The term “coworking space” was introduced and began to appear somewhere on some social networks. Some of my friends are very interested in independent investors, many of whom have invested in this model. But to get started, few do. As a matter of fact, coworking space is not an easy-to-implement model or a wise choice for doing business like Office For Lease.

This model usually focuses on large cities and designs on the floor of the building in different ways such as traditional model, Coffee Space model, Green Environment model. Coworking space, formed by two main components: Utilities and Communities.

The communication model is designed in a media office style, but the service is either fixed or flexible, and the cost per seat is HCM per capital not the place. Where are the fixed seats and flexible seats different? Where: Fixed seats, you will own that place and no one can sit in your place whether you go to work or not. If you have a seat or if space is against you sit. Traditionally, conventional models have less flexible workplace seating or workplace seating.

The Coffee Space model is a space-styled model like Cafe. When you work there like you are at a cafe, it creates the environment, space and comfort in the work that young people today like such as designing, outsourcing or customer service foreigner.

The Green Environment model is a relatively new model, applying the traditional model, applying the “Coffee Space” model and knowing that the office design is green, environmentally friendly and comfortable. It is less healthful when you spend a lot of time in the office.

Utilities from the service from coworking office space for lease

Office sharing saves money

The first benefit that businesses choose from shared office work is the cost savings. You will not have to spend a great deal of money to rent a office and setup a traditional office, no pay for receptionists, no pay for office equipment, no utility bills. The You still have a perfect office.

Common office services and utilities include:

  • Trading address
  • Proffessional / Protective
  • Electricity works 24/7
  • Air conditional
  • Drinks (tea, coffee, water)
  • Internet assurance
  • Modern desks and chairs are available
  • Common office equipment such as fax machines, photocopiers, scanners can be used
  • Modern meeting room: projector, WIFI
  • Audio / video system, international calling with charge / package rates…

Working as a community


Coworking Space create connection environment

Working as a community allows individuals to share ideas, connect and discover. In addition to providing an office space, a number of common work spaces often host networking events, workshops, and workshops, encouraging community building that allows businesses to grow.

Addressing the need for transaction addresses

With a shared office, you have an excellent business transaction address in the heart of the center for professional companies. You can use this address as your official company address for contract work, meeting partners, mailing deals.

Build professional image

With a great business transaction address, customer service and information systems organized along with a professional office layout, your image will become professional.

Obviously, your business still works professionally in the perception of partners and customers. In fact, you are also very professional when using shared office services.

SENOFFICE, WeWork, Up-Coworking, Toong or many other big names are start-ups that offer office sharing services. – Working for startup entrepreneurs, the biggest freelancer today.



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