Business Licenses

Release you from legal procedure at a very low cost applied for members.
You want to start a business, but do not know how to register, nor have time to run around with complicated paperwork. Let SENoffice help you to solve this problem quickly.
With a full package service of setting up by SENoffice, you can be sure of starting your own business with the easiest and most convenient way.

Tax Declaration

The services of Accounting, Consulting of Tax and Accounting are important works that greatly effect on the operation and development of the business.

Many enterprises have struggled to conduct the works of accounting and tax declaration, and many of them got problems with the Law as they don’t have experience in this field.

SENoffice provides a full package of Accounting and Tax Declaration services with experienced professionals. We provide the best solutions to help your business to well understand the current operation of your business in order to plan for the future growth.

Let us deal with this complicated issues for your enterprise so as that you can completely concentrate on your business development. Your business will have a professional accounting system at low cost with savings of time, costs in employment and management of accountant team at the office.

IT Service

Professional and Fast

You will be secured and saved more without having to employ IT staff for your own company;   

Your office will be supported by SENoffice in most fields related to IT, Intranet network, switchboard, email, website, printing and especially quickly resolving of incidents at reasonable cost.

Car rental

Be ready to meet your demands 24/24 with the following packages:

  • Daily Car rental with driver by day (Package of 4 pax and Package of 8 hours)
  • Scheduled Car Rental;
  • Traveling Car rental with selected number of days;   
  • Free – route Car Rental (including Driver);
  • In addition, we also provide the service of car rental for non- constant demands. Your company only need to sign a Principle contract with us, the payment only conducts at the end of each month when the car rental is used which will be paid at the end of the month.

Please contact us for more information on the above services.