A Co-working Space with Private office space. How do your choose?

Over the past decade or so, the working space has been revolutionized and affected the way millions of people work. To decide whether to rent a shared office or a personal office, consider what is appropriate for the personality, business model and business culture you want to build.


Office selection depends on many factors

About Co-working Space

If you are an independent entrepreneur or a member of a small team, co-operation can be considered the best option to get an ideal office. Yes, it can be quite expensive compared to working at home or at a café, but the shared work space creates a very positive environment for work.

In addition, expenses such as office supplies and renovation costs will be included in the office rent, similar to electricity bills, high-speed network and other utilities. One aspect of the attraction of shared offices is that it allows you to work in a professional environment without having to commit to a long-term deal with anyone.

The shared office eliminates all the hassles associated with complex management tasks from the establishment and operation of the office. This helps our team and myself to focus on the job and grow the business

One of the attractions of a shared office is that it is a socialized environment. You will find yourself surrounded by potential partners. This creates a collaborative network environment. For many people, this is a very worthwhile attribute, they can spend a lot of money to get it.

However, while many collaborative spaces emphasize keeping quiet, and keeping a professional environment, with a private meeting room or telephone booth, there is a high likelihood that you will be surrounded by the elements. distracted. Therefore, If you are having trouble concentrating to work, a shared work space can be a big challenge for you.

About Private office space

If your company is large, large or has sufficient budget and needs space for all departments, then you need to hire a business office for your company. The following are some of the features of a private office:


Private office space

Space with high-grade furniture ready 24/24: Working table, Chair, Locker room with lock, Air conditioner, High speed Wifi. Magnetic cards ensure your office is always locked, your supplies and documents will always be safe from loss.

Customers own private rooms, ensuring privacy and security, but still inherit the full benefits of an open office.

Not bothered by objective factors around. Suitable for those who are often distracted.

In a nutshell, you have to rely on the scale, type of operation, budget and purpose of the company to choose the type of office to suit. And, District 1 is the most appropriate district to rent an office whether open or private. The location is convenient, the infrastructure is good and will give you the opportunity to meet and exchange with the big partners.

Co-working for rent and Private office for rent in Ho Chi Minh City

If you need a dedicated office address and virtual office address in Ho Chi Minh City, SenOffice is a good place to look for high-end, high-end office locations. located in the center of District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City.


SenOffice is located in Vincom District 1, a beautiful and convenient location

SenOffice  is a company of the SenTrading Group, operating in the field of Office for lease, investment, real estate, architecture and construction … SEN has a luxurious, professional, class and service space. office services, domestic and foreign support services, StartUp, Freelancer, and especially Entrepreneurs or Foreign Representative Offices …

Coming to SenOffice , you will receive the following practical benefits:

+The office is located in the center of District 1.

+Young, modern workspace designed to promote the creation of members. Standard office A +.

+Create a global community to create collaborative networking opportunities.

Professional and professional support services.

+Especially, the cost that Sen put out is reasonable and economical compared with the quality that customers will receive.

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